Basketball confidence… Does yours need a boost?


Confidence is one of the biggest factors that can effect someone in every day life. Whether that is being in big crowds and socializing, speaking in front of people or in some cases even speaking to one person. Whatever it may be lack of or low confidence can hinder a person and leave them stagnant.  Alternatively being over confident can have a negative effect on your life to as arrogance isn’t something that should be nurtured. It’s a hard thing to be confident in your ability and to be humble at the same time but it is possible.

 The first step into breaking the barrier of low confidence is making the step to contact a team or coach about a possible  tryout. Now this alone is a big step for someone with low confidence and takes a lot for someone to do this. Contacting someone you have never met before can be a nerve wracking process especially when that person is someone who you admire, respect and is in a potentially highly influential position to yourself.  It’s important not to put these people on pedestals or become star struck by their position –  remember they are only human. Yes, it is important to remain professional in your tone and approach, but sucking up to them or singing their praises wont act in your favor. They want to see that you’re confident and mature enough to hold your own off the court, because it will speak volumes about your confidence on the court whether that is in training or in a game.

 Once you have made the conscious decision to try- out for team and it gets to the day of the tryouts, most people will have some form of nerves or butterflies before. This is perfectly normal but what is important is that you do not make the nerves consume you and you find a way to calm yourself down and channel all them nerves into positive energy. To calm nerves before a big event like a try-out or a game a lot of people have rituals they may do to take their minds off anything negative or to get them pumped up. For example some players may listen to music to get in their zone, others may need to interact with other people to calm their nerves. Whatever it may be there is no right or wrong answer and different routines work for different people.

 In basketball confidence plays a big influence on your performance especially for point guards. Nobody wants to play with a nervous point guard as they are an extension of the coach. If you can’t trust your point guard to orchestrate the offense or even bring the ball up safely, most of the time it will lead to a turnover or worse losing the game. Now confidence doesn’t just effect point guards it can have an effect on every position in different areas from being able to knock down shots, playing defense and most importantly communication on the court. The best way to be confident on the court when it comes to tryouts or games believe it or not is PRACTICE. Going into a try-out or game unprepared only cripples yourself, putting in the work before hand will help you to feel confident in your ability. Now don’t get me wrong in game experience is really important and practice can not replace that whole feeling but it can definitely help you to make better decisions than if you didn’t put in the work beforehand.



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