10 Low calorie snacks for athletes


Being an athlete is hungry work and it is therefore important that you fuel yourself with the right things in order to keep your energy levels high, and fat intake low. Here are ten of our favourite snacks for consumption at any point of the day whether it’s breakfast, pre-workout or post.

1. A Hardboiled Egg
d1bf4eaf05f9078fb376c34bb38d4f66It’s simple, cheap, easy and quick to make but full of protein whilst keeping the calories down containing aprox 80 calories.

2. A Large Apple

You know the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away – it also keeps the excess fat off when you need a quick snack. Most apples contain only 85 calories and are one of your
recommended 5 a day – winning all round.

3. Half a Cup of Fat-Free Yogurt

home-made-yoghurtHalf a cup contains around 85 calories regardless of what delicious flavour tickles your fancy. It’s not only full of vitamins and probiotics that help your digestive system and help you to kill of harmful microorganisms, it’s also great for loosing weight as the amino acid burns fat. You could even add some fruit if you want a sweeter quick to it and get in one of your 5 a day.

4. Half a Cup of Unsalted Pistachios

If you’re a fan of nuts, pistachios are a great snack that are high in protein but still low calorie – half a cup which is roughly 25 pistachio nuts, amounts to only 85 calories.

5. A Cup of Blueberries

Better-health-and-fewer-pounds-with-blueberriesThese are my favourite – they’re sweet and tasty, full of vitamin C, and fiber and consuming a cup of them is only 85-calories. Oh and did I mention the count as one of your 5 a day? Who said eating healthy was boring? You can add them to your yoghurt or porridge for a filling, but tasty low fat breakfast.


6. Half a Baked Potato

If you are looking for something slightly heavier and more filling, maybe you want to plan a healthy, low calorie lunch or dinner you can’t go wrong with half of baked potato which contains only 85 calories. You can add a salad with it, or some great low fat protein like tuna or beans.

7. A Baked Sweet Potatoimages

If you don’t think half of a potato is quite enough, you could have a whole baked sweet
take of vitamin c and full of vitamins a & e which are great for building a healthy immune system. You can pair this with low fat, but high protein meat like turkey or chicken breast or if you prefer fish, it goes great with salmon for a heavier snack.

8. A Cup of Unsalted Almonds

For you nut lovers, a whole cup of almonds make a great low calorie snack containing only 90! They are high in protein and heart-healthy fats and fibers too.

9. A Pair of Kiwis

These are refreshing, tasty and high in vitamin C and contain just 95-calories – you really cant go wrong and are a great way of cooling down after a workout.



10. Two cups of watermelon 

Another mouth watering snack that is sweet and juicy – and two cups contains only 90 calories.


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