2017 Transition Basketball Camp

20258459_1470516043036308_5762518067851780422_nLast month we held our second Transition Basketball camp. From the 17th to 21st of July we put a hand picked, specially selected group of talented young athletes through their paces in an intense week of training, development and games. We made various changes to the format of this years camp including extending the length of the camp from 3 days to 5 and the duration of the days themselves, running from 10am until 4pm. Like our 2016 camp, we began the days with an hour of strength and conditioning with Coach Chimoi, continued with a variety of different drills, each day focusing on a new area of the game including shooting and defence and ended the days with friendly games splitting the campers into two teams.

This year we included fitness and shooting testing where we recorded our athletes results and then our coaches put together individual progress reports and plans that focused on their strengths, and highlighted their areas of weakness in order to aid their development outside of the camp. On top of bringing back our excellent team of diverse coaches from last year, this year we brought in guest coaches, all of whom had a wealth of experience both coaching and playing professional basketball in the UK and Europe.

Once again the camp was held at Hammersmith College in West London, but this year we were lucky to have access to both the court space and a separate gym that we used for parts of the strength and conditioning workouts as well as the fitness testing.

One of the highlights of this years camp was having the opportunity to play against two London teams on the final day of the camp. This was something we were excited to introduce as it gave our campers the opportunity to put to test all they have learnt, along with having the opportunity to play together as team. We invited the Hammersmith Hammers and a select team from BNiceSportsPerformance based in East London to play two friendlies, bringing in two refs and two people on the table in order to create a professional environment and atmosphere. This was also an opportunity for us to showcase our first home kit which we had tailor made by Crooked Hill. We ended the camp on a high winning both games, 55-35 against Hammersmith Hammers (running clock) and 65-41 (running clock) against bnicesportsperformance.

A special thanks to Coach Clive, head coach of Westminster Basketball team, for joining us once again this year, Coach Brian, former Essex Leopards player and founder of bnicesportsperformance, Former Essex Leopard and 2016 defensive player of the year Courtney Van Bees and finally, professional player Jasper Chiwuzie who all came in and offered great insight and expertise, along with giving them some challenging workouts.


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